Every Service Call requires immediate attention and that is what Vanguard supplies for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call Vanguard, you will talk with a Customer Service Manager who is a Licensed Electrician and can address your issue accurately. The Customer Service Manager will review your problem with you, address any cost, and dispatch a licensed, uniformed service technician.

Industries We Service:
  • Sports Venues
  • Recreational Parks
  • Museums
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Public Sector
  • Entertainment/Theme parks



At Vanguard Electrical, we have an advanced fleet of bucket trucks equipped to inspect, install and repair signage and exterior lighting.

Our Services Include:

  • LED Retrofits
  • Energy Saving Solutions and Rebates
  • Neon Signage
  • Site Lighting Solutions and Design
  • Security Lighting
  • Mapping out of Properties
  • Foot Candle Studies
  • Tree and Landscape Lighting and Design


Using Infrared Technology and Thermographic Imaging, we can help you find potential electrical problems before they cost you money and affect your operation. Using our specialized camera, Vanguard’s certified Infrared service experts conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical system and problem areas are repaired prior to failure.

Preventive Maintenance

At Vanguard Electrical, we use a proactive approach to find potential electrical problems and fix the issues before they become a problem through implementing honest, prompt, and reliable maintenance plans.

Scheduling routine maintenance can:
  • Improve your electrical performance
  • Reduce electrical system downtime
  • Reduce energy cost and consumption
  • Decrease the risk of emergency repairs


Vanguard Electrical can update your electrical system to save you big money on your electric bills. We design and install electrical updates and enhancements for building renovations and expansions. Our experienced service technicians have the ability to meet and exceed your goals for energy consumption reduction and sustainability.


At Vanguard Electrical, we know that the needs of manufacturing and industrial businesses require custom solutions with high-quality results that minimize downtime. Our service technicians work closely with you to understand the needs of your business and the specifications of your production equipment to deliver the optimal solution. After the initial consult, our team will design a custom electrical solution to fit your needs.


At Vanguard, our dynamic workplace safety program is the most vital aspect of our construction company. Keeping our employees healthy, trained and working is of the utmost importance. Safety practices are a benefit not only for the company, but to each employee. It promotes trust among workers and empowers employees to look out for each other. At Vanguard Electrical, we instill an active safety mindset in every person in the company.

Get Immediate Attention for
your electrical service needs.