We believe that each project Vanguard is awarded is not simply another job to construct, it is an opportunity to earn our customers trust and produce results above expectations. Our Design/Build process starts with a thorough evaluation of the job at hand, followed by a design process focused on intentionality and excellence, and ends with a build that gives customers quality work, at a competitive price, in a timely manner.



Invest in People

As one of the fastest growing electrical contractors in Texas, internal investment & mentoring are paramount to retaining talented individuals in management & in the field.

Focus on Relationships

Relationships are the primary focus for Vanguard Electrical. Whether the customer is a business or a contractor, every relationship presents an opportunity for growth.

Provide Superior Work

We deliver superior value to our customers through our design/build process with smart solutions, outperforming expectations, meeting deadlines, and staying in budget.


As one of the few electrical contractors in Dallas/Fort Worth to operate in Industrial construction, we have the ability and the intricate knowledge needed to perform the task above expectation. Proficient installation of an industrial electrical system is vital to keeping the customers operations running seamlessly.

With projects ranging from fabrication facilities to manufacturing and waste water treatment plants, Vanguard Electrical has performed every aspect of industrial installation to the highest standard.


At Vanguard we believe in using the latest proven technologies to increase accuracy in estimating, improve safety and expedite construction.


At Vanguard, we believe that the prefabrication process increases quality, boosts productivity, and improves overall efficiency. Our extensive experience with prefabricated assemblies has been demonstrated in commercial and industrial projects.


Vanguard focuses on quality in every aspect of our business. We start with investing in our employees so that you get the highest quality work from the best, most knowledgeable staff in the industry. We continue our focus on quality in the design and pre-construction phase through our attention to detail, extensive experience, and excellence in construction. Our professional project management team and electrical installation team have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every job is done to the highest quality, on time, and under budget.


At Vanguard, our dynamic workplace safety program is the most vital aspect of our construction company. Keeping our employees healthy, trained and working is of the utmost importance. Safety practices are a benefit not only for the company, but to each employee. It promotes trust among workers and empowers employees to look out for each other. At Vanguard Electrical, we instill an active safety mindset in every person in the company.

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